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Everything Is Gonna Be OK

Lately I've been walkin on a new side of town

New kind of doin and my mind's all around
It's a new kind of somthing that I just found
Everything's gonna be OK


Bright golden feathers and gossimer wings
Moondrops and leathers and fairy tale things
Silver spun angel smiles dancin in rain
Everything's gonna be OK
Lilacs and lillies, and clover is green
Treasures of tapestries woven between
There are the laces of such to be seen
Everything's OK now
Summer white raindrops and winter is pale
autumn makes magick and springtime is frail
and the song in my heart is the song of my trail
Everything's OK now, it's OK now
Bout this time of evenin with the sun goin down
There's a new kind of music I been hearin all around
It's a lucky charm, and it's mornin bound
Everything's gonna be OK, it's OK babe,

It's gonna be OK now, it's OK...ay... ay...babe