The myth, the magick, the legend, the man,
they all knew your name.
At times they talked in hushed whispers,
how they were all hip to your game
They say they knew what you were trying to sell,
but only because they all knew you so well.
Some friends, some lovers, some critics, even strangers,
they all have a Dino story to tell.
Did they know you as the sweet child that you once were?
Were they with you when you were walking through hell?
Some laugh, some cry, some scoff, some even yell,
ah my love, they all knew you so well.
You worked your magick, misunderstood at times,
you loved so deep in the time you were allowed.
Some couldn't fathom your labor of love,
they say they knew you, and you were too proud.
Well, Just one more Dino story to tell;
to them, a wink and a smile as I say... ah, you knew him so well.
You stood alone at times, flawed by reality,
a diamond in the rough, so you turned your hopes
and dreams… your pain and sorrow into songs,
songs to heal them when times got tough.
Some expected perfection; some understood when you fell,
but then again, why not, they all knew you so well.
So through it all you weathered the squall, when your time came,
like the Phoenix, you flew into the flame; took the fall...
Now some will say you won't rise from the ashes...
but oh my love, they don't know you at all…
Copyright © January 2002 Catherine Powers Sadler-all rights reserved