Some of these pics are very old and a bit tattered and torn, but priceless to our family.  Please be aware that all pictures, images, and design on these pages are copyrighted and although you can get around the no right click script, IT IS ILLEGAL TO COPY THEM WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION! Thank you.

"County Fair" - acoustic.

Dino at home somewhere in California doing his favorite thing, posing for a picture. NO! Just joking...playing guitar was his favorite thing. He'll get me for that someday. (Smile)
Dino at 18 in Air Force uniform. All "spiffy" and clean with short hair.
Dino on a ferry going somewhere. What a cutie!
Our Dad, hamming it up. This might have been a picture for a newspaper advertising a nite club show that he and my mom were doing somewhere..
One of Dino's grammer school class pictures. Second row, middle. Cute huh? (Smile)
Mom performing somewhere in her later years. She had a great voice.
Our dad's Girl Show "Revue" Bally. Midway of James E. Straits Shows.. It was a B-day party for the baby in the front middle.
Hollywood Midgets next to our dads "review". I remember the names, "Ike", "Mike" and "Leo".  I'm not sure if this was on the James E. Straits show or a different carnie. We traveled with several over the years. I do remember however that James E. Straits was the only "Railroad" show, meaning that their rides, etc., traveled by railroad cars, and some of the carnies had sleepers on the train. We always had our own "trailer" so we drove from town to town every week. We would tear down Saturday night and travel on Sundays.

Dino at the Health and Harmony Fair in Santa Rosa, Ca. One of his favorite annual events. Such a Carnie.

Another of our dad's "Revues" Girl Show - Bally - James E. Straits Shows.

One of the showgirls (on left) and a visiting friend. This is called a bally, and the girls would come out in costume to entice the crowd to come closer to buy a ticket to see the show inside. It was called "getting a tip". Our dad had many "spiels" that he would use to get the crowd closer while the girls would move to the music. This is just a casual pic, not during an actual bally. See Hollywood midgets for actual bally.

Mom and Dad in front of our trailor on the midway.
Our car and trailor on the midway with dad's girl show tent in background. The man is a fellow carnie. Aside from the midway itself, the tent was our favorite playground. Oh the fantasies we contrived; on the stage we were Gypsy Kings and Queens, or anything we wanted to be. (Smile)
Mom and dad in some nite club they were playing at the time. Dad was baggy panted, red nosed, comedian and mom was straight woman and songstress. They also sang terrific harmonies together and dad accompanied on his uke.

Growing up on the Carnies with my big brother sure was fun!

Also an education that money couldn't buy...

Mom , Grandmother, (on dad's side) Dad , Dino, Sister (me) sitting on grandmother's porch in East Hartford, CT, and Skippy, our dog; I still remember his name. (Smile)
Our trailor and our ferocious watch dog... Cuddles. No not really, his name was Smokey.