Dino's first major public performance in over 10 years...and his last major public performance.

July 27, late 80s - The Great American Music Hall, S.F CA. Live version of "Get Together" recorded at a benefit for Allen Cohen's San Francisco Oracle Newspaper. Featured were Dino, Big Brother and the Holding Co., and Ram Dass. Read Relix Magazine article here under class reunion. Photo taken during the perormance of the song you are listening to. It was a magickal night and I was fortunate enough to be there with him. (Smile)

Some Venue, not sure where
Playing cungas
Dino and Coyote - 70s
Left to Right-Dino, Dave Freiberg, Gary Duncan,Greg Elmore, John Cipollina
Dino at Sky River Festival
Left to Right-John Cipollina, Dave Freiberg,Gary Duncan, Dino, Greg Elmore
Early years, unknown venue
Dino at Sky River Rock Festival 1968-1969
Early years, unknown venue
New York, Early 80s
The early seventies - in costume
Just hangin out somewhere USA
In Maui, late 60s
The following photos are from the insert of the 2004, RPM Records, UK CD release of Dino's Solo Album
Correction in the above pictures. I scanned these pics from a hard copy with the captions already in place. Mr. Torres recently informed me that it wasn't him in the pic, nor did he think it was Michelle Phillips. I have removed the captions. My apologies to both.

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